Friday, 13 December 2013

Love-Heart Muffins

These love-heart muffins are perfect for Valentines Day or for a gift for someone. You can use the same recipe as any cupcake or muffin recipe. The main thing you will need though is a cake or cupcake mould. You can purchase these from most baking/ kitchen stores like Lakeland or online at:
1. Once you have chosen your preferred recipe, use some butter or oil to lightly grease the cases so that the cakes are easy to take out and won't stick to the bottom. Fill up your cake mould about 3/4 of the way full, to allow it to rise. (Here is a photo to make you hungry!)
2. Leave the cakes to cook for 20 Minutes and then take out of the cases when done and leave the cool.
Here are a picture of my chocolate ones straight out of the oven:
And my Vanilla and Chocolate Digestive batch:

3. After leaving the cakes to cool for about 10 minutes, take a sharp knife, hold one side of the cake firmly and cut about 3/4 away from the underside of the cake (this is where the mixture has gone into the mould, not the side that is on top cooking) so that you are only cutting the excess risen part of the cake.  Here are the chocolates ones when cut:
After you've cut the cakes, you can decide how to decorate them. I decided to ice my chocolate ones and use some pink stars, however I decided to leave the chocolate chip ones as they are.