Friday, 13 December 2013

5 Things that I've been super tempted to buy!

When it comes to Fashion trends, I try to be conservative with my splurges, as I annoyingly have quite expensive taste and I'd therefore be broke by the end of the month. The other important reason, is that I often feel that an item has grown to become too generic (ie. everyone's got one) as if it's gone off its sell-by date I guess and by the time I've purchased it, it won't be 'a la mode' anymore and everyone will be raving about something else.
And so, here are some of the things that have been trending on the fashion scene recently which I have been oh so tempted to buy but have restrained myself from.
1. Leather Satchels
This is a very beautiful 'Pedlars' Satchel all the way from the Highlands of Scotland for a smacking £95.00. I love the vintage style of these expensive leather satchels but unfortunately I'm not willing to pay the price! You can currently find some cheaper alternatives on the High Street in places like Forever21, Paperchase, New Look, but I'm not too keen on their Neon colour scheme and their smaller sizes.
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2. Textured Nail Polish
Textures Nail Polish CollageI've always loved painting my nails and keeping them looking up to scratch but recently I've noticed how pricey brands such as Barry M, Essie, O.P.I, Revlon are, often around £5.00-£10.00 for one colour. The problem is, if you buy a less expensive alternative, the polish chips within 3-4 days and you'll soon want a new colour to add to your collection. I think a lot of these nails look great, especially the glittery ones and the ones with ombre effects where the colours fade into another. However, as a student on a budget, I'd prefer to invest the money in something that's better value and will last longer.
If you want to see more of these gorgeous nails, then take a look at these peoples' websites:

top left: letthemhavepolish.comtop right: left:!/users/ig-192036871/photosbottom right:

3. Ombre Hair
This is a new hair craze, that developed towards the end of 2012 and has dominated hairdressers' salons throughout 2013. If done well, with hair that is not originally too dark, this effect results in a gorgeous sunkissed effect. However, if like me, you have quite dark hair naturally, the stark contrast in colours doesn't always look great.
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4. New Neon Nike Shoes
 I know very little about these new colourful gems, but I do know they look supercool, especially    with their active, beautiful lifestyle that accompanies their branding. It turns out though that the reason that they are so popular is that you can customise your own shoe from the Nike tick to the laces all on the Nike website. They're around £140.
Nike Neon

5. Arty/Starry Leggings
I've seen these around in several shops in the past few months and aww'd and wow'd every single time I've come across them. I personally love the galaxy/star effect and often has it as my desktop background. However, these kind of clothes are sadly suited to people who (like the mannequins and models) have long, thin legs, which I unfortunately I was not blessed with. This is because patterns instead of block colours only make your body look bigger than it is. As well as these beautiful leggings, there are also some places that do similar trousers. Zara do some beautiful 'forest' trousers.
Take a look here,
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VanGogh Leggings
Rowme Leggings