Saturday, 14 December 2013

Outfit Post October 2013

Hello to all you Fashionistas out there. I wanted to show you my favourite new outfit that I bought recently from their new A/W line. I don't usually shop at Miss Selfridge as I find that their clothes are sometimes a bit extravagant, whereas I prefer more simple but bold designs personally. I wanted to find a smart and classy 'go-to' outfit for any important events and was so pleased to find so many different things to choose from with their 20% off Student Discount. I've always been a girl for fitted pencil skirts as I have quite an hourglass shape and they compliment a curvier shape. If I don't wear something fitted, I look about 10 sizes bigger so outfit shopping can sometimes be a bit of a mare!
Here's a some links to some of their best clothes this season.

miss selfridge outfitIf you'd like to take a look at my outfit online, here are the links: