Friday, 13 December 2013

Updates for the New Year & Dub all or nothing concert @ Cable London 14th December

dub-all, idiosynphonic & discus records - Friday 14th December
I went to an amazing Dubstep concert on December 14th hosted by UKF and Discus Records at London Bridge's Cable Underground Club. Seeing as I'd never been to a Dubstep event, I'll admit I felt a bit out of place as I was unaware of the dress code and standard set of dance moves people used at such events.
I'm definitely familiar with 'headbanging' move that is common at every heavy-metal, rock etc concert but these guys seemed to be practising a more electronic and what seemed more aggressive variation on the move . The intensity of the 'headbang' was driven and fuelled by the insane, 'out of this world' bass that was shaking the room with every head going down to the beat of the songs. It was a tad embarrassing at first accompanied by my mate who'd been to these events before and joined in with everyone else. But eventually, I managed to get into a  rhythm where I stopped caring and let my body move to the music, (probably looking rather odd but no-one seemed to look twice thankfully).
What I also noticed was different to other concerts was that people were not dancing, grinding, pulling out the regular 'dead fish' or 'raise the roof' moves together like at a Disco or a regular club but everyone on the dancefloor seemed to be jamming to songs in their own 1 meter radius bubbles alone, almost as if in a trance. Then, something I'd never seen before happened. All the men in the room formed a circle, bounced about on the spot before running and bashing into one another in the middle of their circle.
It was like watching a bunch of atoms colliding in the room to the intensity of the bass reverberating within the room. Naturally, I and reassuringly the other females took a step back at this moment, clearly to protect our 'fragile' bodies from being knocked to the floor. Being the 5"1 that I am, I was quite frightened, but got used to stepping far out of the circle whilst this techno dubstep moshpit took place.
The crowd who were at this event were different from the usual student clubs that I sometimes go to as well. There were lots of young people in jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, some were in Spiderman and Pikachu Onesies!?, girls were in the kind of gear that you'd wear on a summer trip to Napa or Magaluf. I noticed this whilst my friend and I had to wait 40 minutes in the Coat Drop queue whilst a guy kind paced back and forth the queue asking if we wanted MDMA(Ecstacy). This definitely made a change from the groups of towering high heels and High-Street dresses that have to be braved on a cold night out in the U.K.

The music at this event would probably take reign as part of my Top 5 Concerts List. The DJS playing were Zeds Dead, Sigma, TC, Cutline, Taiki + Nulight, Tomek N. My friend and I saw Sigma first at 12 and then Zeds Dead whom everyone was waiting for and so rightfully too. I'm a big fan of Dubstep but I don't know a lot of Dubstep artists so it was great to go and see some of the best performing just a few meters away from me. If you've never heard Zeds Dead, a dynamic Canadian Duo, I suggest you lock yourself in a room and play it loud on your speakers or simply play it loud on your headphones (without breaking your eardrums!). I also suggest you try one of the sponsored UKF concerts in the future as not only the music is incredible but the atmosphere is too!

Here's a link to the photos on Cable's Website:
Here are some of their best tracks:
Take a Chance feat. Omar LinX

Rude Boy - Zeds Dead
Rude Boy Remix with Omar LinX
The Fight of My Life - Colin Munroe feat. Pusha T (Zeds Dead Remix)
(My Personal Favourite) Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix)
Undah Yuh Skirt - Zeds Dead feat. MC Mavado
Rumble in the Jungle - Zeds Dead