Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nominated for the Sunshine Award

Well hello there. I'm very happy to announce that I received a message from CityMermaid at saying that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award is an award for bloggers who 'positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.'  Shucks, I'm honoured if you think that!

As we have to pass this award on, I will need to start choosing my winner and my nominees.
However! First I have some questions to answer that CityMermaid has listed for all her nominees.
Here are her questions:
  1. What/who is your inspiration?
    My inspiration comes firstly from all of the other bloggers out there who put in so much time and effort to their sites. However, I am also really inspired by all the latest trends, at the moment, all of the new Online Shopping Sites like, and ohmylove London. They seem to have the coolest website designs right now. 
  2. Coffee or Tea?
    I much prefer tea because coffee to me is like heroin to a drug addict. I'm all over the place and my body wants more of it. 
  3. Favorite Song at the moment?
    Favourite song at the moment is probably Gaga's new song Venus.
  4. Favorite blogs?
    My favourite blogs are LiterallyDarling (they are amazing), Vivianna Does Makeup, JoytheBaker, TheBakingBiatch, Lily Pebbles, FitSugar, Bakerella, ThugKitchen (has to be the coolest idea)
  5. Where do you hope to see your blog in a year?
    I've always wanted my blog to inspire others so I hope that a year from now that people will be visiting it regularly and that it will be somewhere where people can learn some interesting things about other people and the way I see the world. 
  6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
    I have dreams as everyone does. Right now, I'll say New York or Paris. But for now I'm happy living in London.
  7. Where do you do most of your online shopping?
    I usually check out MissGuided, ILoveMyBag, DaisyStreet, ForeverUnique, Motel, MissSelfrige, Boohoo and Little Mistress.
  8. Lipstick, lipgloss or lip balm?
    Lipstick all the way. 
  9. Favourite skincare product?
    I have really sensitive skin so the less I use on my skin the better. It seems that if I don't use skincare products/foundation, then my skin is nice to me. However, from what I have tried and tested, TheBodyShop never goes wrong with their TeaTreeOil Range, Nivea has beautiful, light day cream with SPF 15 protection included and also Nivea do a tinted moisturiser as well which is great.
  10. Favorite makeup brand?
    Can anyone choose just one! At the moment, I really like NARS & Chanel for the more expensive choices and Maybelline or Rimmel always have great essentials too. 
  11. Favorite hair mask?
    My favourite hair mask is the Moroccan Oil hair mask.