Saturday, 14 December 2013

Meet Lil'Bub

Whether you are a proclaimed 'Cat' person or 'Dog' person or 'Horse Maniac', nothing will prevent your heart from melting at the sight of this cat. Meet Lil Bub. She is currently the world's most famous cat who shot to fame after her owner started posting photographs of her on the social website Tumblr. As you can obviously tell, Bub is not like most other cats. She was born with osteopetrosis, dwarfism and her short lower jaw means that her tongue hangs out.
Because of her osteopetrosis, her little leg bones are curved and disjointed, (unlike normal straight cat bones) making it hard for her to walk. For this reason, her owner carries her on his back and she is happy to be carried around in public. She is in fact very healthy despite her disabilities and takes medication to help the pain of her arthritis.
Mike Bridavksy offered to take Bub after a family found a litter of kittens in their shed. It was obvious from birth that she struggled compared to the others. Now Bub has been on TV with interviews on 'Good Morning America','The View', she has her own Documentary on VICE: 'Lil Bub and Friendz', her own website and is now  the star of her own show Lil BUB’s Big SHOW  which features an appearance from Whoopi Goldberg.
Check out the trailer for her documentary here:
Or her documentary on VICE: Lil Bub and Friendz Part 1