Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our Makeup and Photoshoot in London

Bonjour à tous, I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. Today I had a whirlwind of a day in Covent Garden in London as my friend as I went to have a makeover and a photo-shoot done. This was at ENVY salon on Row Street, Covent Garden. Before they got started, we had to pick out a list what style of hair and makeup we'd like. I went for smoky and sultry, my friend, natural and glowing. We had to bring some outfits with us and I decided on my Graduation dress and another favourite dress of mine.
We had our nails, makeup and hair done by some professional makeup artists which was amazing and then ushered into another room where we had the photographs taken. It was a really fun day with a friend and is perfect for Birthday ideas to surprise someone. We wanted to take some after the photo-shoot as well as we weren't able to buy all of the photos, but we did get these 3, and the two others are from the rest of the day to show off the smoky makeup look! Please let me know what you think!
black and white
clare and sophie edited