Friday, 13 December 2013

Top 5 Youtube Music Channels That You Should Know About

Recently, I've discovered some amazing channels of Youtube that have endless amounts of remixed sounds for different moods genres. These are the best three that I have found so far.
1. MR SUICIDE SHEEP - great variety of styles seen in channel webpage, long-lasting mixes of ethereal, 'chill-step', a real inspirational feel, and quite trance-like, incredible images with videos


2. THE SOUND YOU NEED - more of a mashup style between different songs, summer-style, a lot of well-known songs remixed, indie-remixes


3. Liquiform - trance like again but elements show more of a drum and bass channel


4. The Vibe Guide - sounds a bit dodgy no? this gem focuses on 'feel-good' tunes and features a great range from hip-hop, pop, nu disco, beach music.

5. Majestic Casual- The best channel for well-known remixed tunes.